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Wednesday, 17 May

@ 9:00AM AEST

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Jill Brennan

Published Author

Michael Lam

Founder of Cornerstone
There is no doubt that customers are demanding more. The average consumer is well informed and they are fast to research what they don’t know. If you’re not providing valuable content during that research phase then you won’t even know you’ve missed a sale.  But where do you start? How do you provide content that your prospects will value? How do you deliver it in a way that doesn’t suck all your time away from providing great products and services? 

During this one-hour live webinar, you’ll be guided through the process of creating content your prospects will find useful and how to automate it into a well-crafted nurturing process that delivers qualified leads. 
What You Will Learn In This Free Webinar:
What Your Customers Want to Know
How to work out what your customers want and to position your company as an expert in your field.
How To Scale Your Sales
Find out how to leverage your assets and systemize your sales process so you can turn your growth to auto-pilot.
Checklist for Success
Get your checklist for boosting sales through engaging content delivered automatically.
What are others saying about previous webinars?
"So excited to hear about your upcoming webinar. Really enjoyed the initial one that I attended, got some really great ideas from it - very practical."
Kistin Gunnis
Founder Professional Women’s Lunches
“… really professional … the content was really worthwhile - particularly thinking about who your audience is - who probably hadn't thought about the need to attract the 'unawares'.” 
Lerida Grant
We Are Pets
“I enjoyed the webinar that you hosted and was surprised how much of what I heard applied to my industry.” 
Stephen Cartoon
Morgan Cartoon Radiology
About the Presenters
Jill Brennan is a marketing consultant, mentor and the founder of Harbren Marketing. She has been in the small business trenches for around 20 years and during that time has worked in, with and for small companies. She also works as a Mentor for the QLD Government, has written a book on marketing (Get Smarter Marketing) and regularly does interviews for podcasts and media.
Cornerstone Digital
Michael Lam is an enabler of growth and founder of Cornerstone Digital. He helps numerous small businesses in leveraging their intellectual property and growing their businesses. Having co-founded and sold another start-up, he is adept at figuring out how to build the fundamental systems required for scaling businesses. 
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